opsvis.section_force_diagram_2d(sf_type, sfac=1.0, nep=17, fmt_secforce1={'color': 'blue', 'dash_capstyle': 'butt', 'dash_joinstyle': 'round', 'linestyle': 'solid', 'linewidth': 2.0, 'marker': '', 'markersize': 1, 'solid_capstyle': 'round', 'solid_joinstyle': 'round'}, fmt_secforce2={'color': 'blue', 'dash_capstyle': 'butt', 'dash_joinstyle': 'round', 'linestyle': 'solid', 'linewidth': 1.0, 'marker': '', 'markersize': 1, 'solid_capstyle': 'round', 'solid_joinstyle': 'round'}, fig_wi_he=False, fig_lbrt=False, ref_vert_lines=True, end_max_values=True, node_supports=True, ax=False, alt_model_plot=1)[source]

Display section forces diagram for 2d beam column model.

This function plots a section forces diagram for 2d beam column elements with or without element loads. For now only ‘-beamUniform’ constant transverse or axial element loads are supported.

  • sf_type (str) – type of section force: ‘N’ - normal force, ‘V’ - shear force, ‘M’ - bending moments.

  • sfac (float) – scale factor by wich the values of section forces are multiplied.

  • nep (int) – number of evaluation points including both end nodes (default: 17)

  • fmt_secforce1 (dict) – line format dictionary for section force distribution curve.

  • fmt_secforce2 (dict) – line format dictionary for auxiliary reference lines.

  • fig_wi_he (tuple) – contains width and height of the figure

  • fig_lbrt (tuple) – a tuple contating left, bottom, right and top offsets

  • ref_vert_lines (bool) – True means plot the vertical reference lines on the section force diagrams.

  • end_max_values (bool) – True means show the values at element ends and extreme (max, min) value between the ends.

  • node_supports (bool) – True - show the supports. Default: True.

  • ax – the axes object.


the minimum overall value of the section force.

maxVal (float): the maximum overall value of the section force.

ax: the axes object.

alt_model_plot (int): 1 - for using the plot_model command, 2 - for using

simplified model plotting. Other integer - for no model plotting. In this case the model can be plotted outside this command using the axes (ax) object. Default is 1.

Return type:

minVal (float)


See example:

See example 2d Portal Frame